LED Water Drum

The drums are programmed to display a vibrant array of colours that illuminate each player as the water sprays into the air creating a mesmerising visual effect.

Sequence Of Performance

(“Water LED Drum Consoles” already preset on stage with water absorbing carpets)

– Performers start with a loud intro fill at the back of the ballroom;
– They move towards the main stage while playing with their strapped-on Mobile LED Drums;
– They move up to stage;
– They play till a mini climax and end;
– Most of the performers will dismount from their strapped-on Mobile LED Drums while the main support players continue to play (so there is no silence in between) while the performers position behind the Water LED Drum Consoles.
– When they are ready, they will be cued to start and they play for the next 3.5 mins till end.The Water LED Drum Console will show a random of 7 coloured lights and the whole performance typically lasts 6 to 10 minutes.


  • Show can be performed both indoors & outdoors
  • Water drums can be customized with client’s logo
  • Choice of 6 or 8 pax dance troupe

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