Caricature, Digital Caricature, Shrink Art Caricature


Caricature makes for a novel and unique personalized souvenir for 6-year-olds, 16-year-olds, it’s even more meaningful for 60-year-olds, and caricature makes for a unique keepsake that lasts for a lifetime.

Caricature is drawn on a paper using pencils and color pencils.

Digital Caricature

Digital Caricature is a caricature drawn directly on an electronic device.

Guests are drawn directly on the touch screen and receive a business card when the drawing is complete.  The card has simple directions on how to download the artwork after the event.  Guests print out the drawing at home and can use it as their profile picture on Facebook or other social media outlet.

Caricature Service – Digital, comes in 4R print or airdrop/email

Shrink Art Caricature

Shrink caricature, also known as shrink art, is a form of art using a special plastic that shrinks due to high heat.

The artist caricature the person on this plastic sheet, and it is then placed into an oven.

Due to the heat, the plastic shrinks and hardens up into a passport size piece of plastic (as thick as an acrylic).
It is made into keychains or pendant as souvenirs.

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