Sand Art

The international sand artist we work with has over 15 years of performing experience. He creates thousands of performances as a Sand Artist and Light Painter during his local and international performances by utilizing an awe-inspiring combination of sand, music and light. Our sand artist has performed extensively for multiple prestigious events such as award ceremonies, official launch, grand openings, dinner and dance events, festive celebrations, international summits, global conferences, anniversary celebrations, government events and many more. His performances were often graced by the president, prime minister, members of the parliament, local and foreign VIPs, CEOs, as well as foreign politicians and ASEAN delegates.

Setup Requirements:

  • We will be providing our own sand art equipment: sand art light box, sand & our original music mp3 for the performance (we refrain from using any copyrighted music).
  • Technical equipments required from your side: Overhead camera live feed, sound system, projector, projection screen.

Here are the different types of performances that we can offer:

  1. Customizable Sand Art live performance
  2. Customizable Sand Art film (professionally filmed and edited as well as looking totally different from live performance)
  3. Original non-customized Sand Art live performance
  4. Customizable Light Drawing live performance
  5. Customizable Light Drawing film (professionally filmed and edited as well as looking totally different from live performance)
  6. Original non-customize Light Drawing live performance
  7. Special customizable one scene sand art / light drawing video (suitable for festive and personal greetings, openings, invitations, official launch, gift and many more)

Sand Art

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